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Commercial Construction Oversight

Commercial Construction Phase Inspections

We inspect commercial and industrial buildings across Texas.

Along with final inspections we also perform construction inspections for developers and clients.

Mitigate Risks: Don’t let unforeseen issues derail your projects. Our meticulous inspections identify potential risks and vulnerabilities, allowing you to address them proactively. Protect your investments and minimize costly surprises.

Save Money in the Long Run: Investing in our inspections is an investment in your financial well-being. By spotting hidden problems early, you can avoid expensive repairs and maximize the profitability of your commercial real estate ventures.

Expertise You Can Trust: With years of experience and a reputation for excellence, we are your trusted partner in the commercial building inspection industry. We deliver results you can rely on.

The construction process is a unique point in time when we can see your building like it will never be seen again…at least not until a problem occurs and walls are opened up again…Contact us to reduce risk, mitigate issues and save money in the long run.

From Site Prep to Rough in – We Inspect It


Many or our clients are building outside municipalities. This has left them with no city inspections or third party oversight for construction projects they have considerable investment in the successful outcome.  Sometimes the inspection is requested by the buyer or leasee but often our client is the developer team themselves.

Thats where we come in. Whether it is large oil and gas repair centers in Midland or multi-family in Houston our clients have come to rely on us to be the third party inspection services they need to ensure quality and building standards are followed.

From heavy industrial and manufacturing buildings to retail, medical and specialty buildings we can provide an objective review at different phases so issues are caught before they are covered up or you have already signed off and now own the problem.

News Posts

The Top Three Issues for Commercial Buildings

“I just found a commercial building I want to buy, and I need an inspection.” That’s what I hear every day when I pick up the phone. Often it is an investor who was burned by buying a property in the past without engaging an experienced professional. Usually, I don’t...

New Commercial Inspector Added – Abigale Pynes

TXCREI is pleased to announce we have added another commercial inspector to our commercial and industrial inspection and PCA team. Abigale Pynes has spent the last year in our apprenticeship program and has traveled across Texas to help us inspect commercial property...

Commercial Construction Oversight

Building commercial buildings is easier to keep on schedule and budget, following plans with a third party to perform regular inspections. We are certified Project Management Professionals with decades of international commercial construction experience.

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