(PCA) Property Condition Assessments & Commercial Inspections

–The Property Condition Assessment

“The purpose of the PCA is to observe and report, to the extent feasible pursuant to the processes prescribed in ASTM E2018-15, on the physical condition of the subject property.”

PCA – A Quick Overview of The PCA Process

We follow the ASTM standards for our Property Condition Assessments {PCAs). But as we spoke to clients and gained a better understanding of what was read, what was important and what was never read we have made some customizations.

In the beginning…

Our PCA process usually starts when a quote and schedule are agreed upon. This can take a day or weeks depending on the client contact schedule.

Data is everything…

In a PCA it is very important to understand what documentation and contacts will be available to us prior to the actual onsite assessment. The more maintenance logs, service log, asset data, building plans, site plats, roof warranties, service providers information, etc we can receive upfront the more detail and depth we can provide on our Property Conditions Report {PCR}.

Property Condition Report

Once we understand what documentation we can get we know pretty much what the PCR will look like and can send out the Pre Assessment Questionnaire (if there is a contact to help with the answers) and we can schedule a Pre Assessment Interview either in person or online.

If documentation is limited and/or no contact available our PCR will be limited to what we can gather onsite or later on through research. Without solid asset data, costs to repair or replace will be difficult if not impossible. Without building structure data we can only include what we can see while onsite.

Our PCR will still present an excellent view to the property and assets involved regardless of upfront data received but the more data the better.

Its also good to remember that there are other inspection tools that might be more applicable to your needs. Many of our clients want to know major assets and building condition and issues in a concise snapshot. For this we use a Commercial Property Inspection format. It really communicates major systems and issues with recommendations for further evaluation or repair.

Let me know if you would like a quote or to just talk more about what would be best for you or your project. Tony 512-296-2376

Commercial Real Estate Inspections

We started performing commercial real estate inspections because that was what most brokers and investors asked for and it still makes up a large part of our business.

Commercial Inspection Process

The process starts as soon as a quote and scope have been agreed upon by both parties.  Sometimes there is documentation and asset data that is shared.

90% of the time we are asked to visit the site, identify major assets including HVACs, boilers, electrical gear and roofs and report out on issues with the building from roof to foundation. All areas are identified in the Scope of Work which in our agreement. 

Because we perform PCAs we also prepare a list of major assets with age and our opinion on when it may need for repairs or replacement. The commercial inspection is a snapshot of what is going on with the building. 

Commercial Inspection Report

Our reports include major assets inventoried with age and issues with photos so it is clear what we found. Like the PCA the Commerical Inspection Report will include an inspection of the whole building roof to ground including drainage and grading. 

If you would like more details or to discuss a project give us a call and we will be glad to help. 512-296-2376

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