ASTM E2018-15 Property Condition Assessments & Commercial Real Estate Inspections

ASTM Property Condition Assessments (PCA) Purpose 

“The purpose of the PCA is to observe and report, to the extent feasible pursuant to the processes prescribed in ASTM E2018-15, on the physical condition of the subject property.”

We started doing commercial real estate inspections because that was what we were asked for by brokers and investors and it still makes up a large part of our business. But we also saw a need to give our clients more. They not only wanted to know what were the major issues but they also and maybe even most importantly needed to know what the short term and long term costs associated with the purchase included. The banks wanted to know that too.

Many of our clients are banks and lenders who need to complete their loan documentation and meet government and compliance guidelines. the Property Condition Report is made for this. It is a standardize report that while it may be formated differently must adhere to the standard to claim adherence to the ASTM standard for a property condition assessment.

As members of ASTM we had looked to the organization in the past and now it made sense to adopt the ASTM E2018-15 standard as an offering. It just made sense to our clients and we love to perform them.

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