Our fleet of drones are customized for specialty missions as well as aerial Commercial real estate inspections


Our customers range from Investors, Property Owners and Leasees and Real Estate Professionals. We recognized early on that one thing they all needed was a bigger view of the real estate and the surrounding area.

We use our drones to capture breath taking photos of commercial real estate and industrial buildings. From rural property like ranches and farms that take up hundreds or thousands of acres to steel manufacturing facilities that stretches over several acres of buildings for fabrication, we understand you have a need to see the big picture.

That is why we are always upgrading our capabilities to ensure we have the view you need. At Texas Commercial Real Estate Inspections we provide not only the view to buildings and interiors but the exterior and bigger picture.

Call us if you want more than another snapshot but a professional view of the property.

Did you know Texas Commercial Real Estate Inspections also use our drones for internal inspections and photography. Some of our missions have included inspecting tanks and others inspecting 4 story warehouses across large cavernous distribution centers. You tell us the mission, we will use one of our drones or make a custom mission drone for your need.